Navia Robotics
Restaurant Robot Benefits
Better service & efficiency, lower cost & turnover
The restaurant industry is constantly evolving, and new technologies are emerging all the time. One of the most recent trends is the use of serving robots in restaurants. These robots can perform a variety of tasks, from escorting guests to their tables and delivering and bussing trays, and they can offer a number of benefits to restaurant owners. The benefits are so numerous that even those who have not yet deployed them see the industry as a whole adopting them within the next 5 to 10 years.
Holabot Bussing Tables
Clear out tables efficiently for quicker turnaround
HolaBot is your partner to clear out dirty tables quickly and efficiently. Many of our customers at the higher-end of the restaurant spectrum opt to deploy HolaBots to make sure bussing trays are delivered to the dishwashing stations with dirty dishes hidden from view. The cavernous space and the waterproof interior make it ideal to clear out tables from the largest parties quickly. See why HolaBot would be a great addition to your restaurant operations.
BellaBot Running Food
Lighten the load for your workers!
BellaBot is our most popular restaurant service robot and it is for good reason! For running food to the tables, there's no better serving robot than BellaBot on the market. The most menial task for waiters and waitresses around the world is bringing food from the kitchen to the table, and it's no wonder why. We've heard countless concerning stories from customers we've worked with regarding burns and injuries from carrying hot plates happening in their restaurants and their search for a solution. That's where BellaBot comes in to save the day!
KettyBot Guest Escort Practices
Getting the most out of your service robot
We've worked with many customers deploying service robots in the field and have received an immense amount of feedback in best practices deploying them. For KettyBot, our smallest service robot with the large advertisement screen, our customers really enjoy deploying them to escort patrons to their tables. They add fun and bring an innovative experience getting guests to their seats, allowing busy restaurants to have their receptionist focus their time being at the front so a host is always present to greet guests.
BellaBot Stand Out Features
BellaBot Stand Out Features
A closer look at BellaBot's best features
One of our most popular models, the BellaBot is packed with tons of features that appeal to different restaurant operations. With its large capacity trays and accurate mapping methods, it's no wonder it's a hit with our customers. Read on to see what other owners have shared when it comes to the best features of the BellaBot and see why it makes sense for your restaurant.